Classic Editor Hot Tips Meetup – June 15th 2022

The Classic Editor has 5+ millions active installs and is also supported by ALL the popular PageBuilders and Theme-Builders including the Gutenberg Editor. But the Classic Editor is still living on borrowed time through 2022 as issue Putinesque-like no-comments about life after 2022.

So this upcoming Classic Editor Meetup inaugurates this website as a refuge for the the 5million active Classic Editor users. The website has [and will continue to feature] some hot tips on how to get more from the Classic Editor. First Hot Tip is to load the Advanced TinyMCE Editor as it adds a ton of font, text, and table editing features which will be demo-ed at the Meetup

Then we will ask attendees to tell us about their favorite Classic Editor feature or plugin. We have a couple plugins that work well with the Classic Editor embedded in popular PageBuilders like Beaver Builder, Elementor and Themify among others.

Then 2 new and nifty Classic editor plugins that add nice features to the Classic editor will be demoed if they have not already been cited. In sum, in just over an hour attendees will get the latest tips on the WordPress Editor that they use 42.5% of the time.

Continue coming to this website and look for the once-a-month Meetups covering key Classic Editor news. For example, we take a look at the Classic Widgets plugin that replaces the “New” Block Widgets tool. Finally, add comments and requests on site or Meetup comments. And if you send us your own Hot Tip in PDF or WXR format, it will be featured as a post on this site  with a free, small promo-link back to your website  and services.

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