This portfolio of recent projects demonstrates both New Website Designs and Refinements of Existing Websites done in the last  3 years. Most have been done using WordPress with modern PageBuilders and CSS Design/Styling tools. But there are 3 projects shown with a yellow  background which have been developed with HTML5 and a JavaScript Framework to meet special requirements. If you click on the website’s screenshot you will be able to visit the site.

CHALLENGE: Design  a MBA Class website with easy navigation and use by class members. Also make  website extensible to add future features.
TECHNOLOGY:  WordPress 5.0  MultiSite with Astra Theme + Elementor Pro PageBuilder using  Foo Gallery and Smart Slider 3 plugins for robust image display with full screen animations.
CODING TRICKS:  Elementor Pro + Astra theme allows quick creation of SPA-Single Page application which can be easily extended for mobile use with AMP and PWA for tablet/cellphone use as required.

DEVELOPMENT TIME: 3 sessions of 12 hours  total to deliver working system.

CHALLENGE: Deliver in days a crosstabs and summary  analysis of the results of the WordCamp 2018 Survey of topic candidates for presentation
TECHNOLOGY: Google Sheet with WordPress +  Astra Theme + Elementor PageBuilder using 2 plugins 
CODING TRICKS: Transfer of survey data from GoogleSheets to WordPress via WPDatatables plugin. Analyzing the data with Create SQL plugin that did the essential group by and crosstab filtering operations. Use Elementor section templating to quickly reproduce 108 reports. See here for all the steps needed. 

DEVELOPMENT TIME: 3 sessions  of 18 hours total  for  WordPress Meetup Survey Results to be made  available to WordCamp TO organizers.


CHALLENGE: Deliver newly styled SPA-Single Page Application website for Beauty Salon
TECHNOLOGY: WordPress +  Astra Theme and Elementor PageBuilder plus Sticky Menu plugin 
CODING TRICKS: Hero Image overlay with sticky header and multi-column “page” layouts
 plus online booking. Also popup slider and gallery carousel to promote Hair and Makeup work.
DEVELOPMENT TIME: 1 sessions in 5 hours for  WordPress Meetup Demo of PageBuilders Prowess


CHALLENGE: New website with new hosting service and design criteria
TECHNOLOGY: WordPress +Tesseract theme with SiteOrigin Pagebuilder, Foo Gallery, Lets Encrypt SSL, & All in One SEOPack 
CODING TRICKS: Pages with multiple galleries using Masonry layout,  simple video  & sliders for promotions

DEVELOPMENT TIME:  Three 2 hour sessions over 9 months


CHALLENGE: Revamp website with new dramatic look & feel  on a new hosting service
TECHNOLOGY: WordPress + Beaver Theme with Beaver PageBuilder
CODING TRICKS: Posts in grid display, Gallery using Masonry layout,  Full-width video  & Events in Accordion layout

DEVELOPMENT TIME: 7 sessions in 5 weeks


CHALLENGE: Create Demo Display Website
TECHNOLOGY: HTML5+Bootstrap JavaScript using MobiRise IDE and Smart Slider
CODING TRICKS: Full-width background image, full-width slider, grid gallery layout with lightbox, scroll animations

DEVELOPMENT TIME: 2.5 days using pre-processed images

CHALLENGE: Show Northumberland Hills Arts Groups and their diverse activities
TECHNOLOGY:WordPress using Headway Theme and SiteOrigin PageBuilder and Justified Image Gallery
CODING TRICKS: Full-width slider with links, gallery of artist works with links to their websites, art groups in multi-column layout, tabbed display of Fall Fairs  and Blog page  with sidebar of artists works.

DEVELOPMENT TIME: 9 sessions of 1/2 day

CHALLENGE: Add new Posts Grid  Layout to speed access to Web tutorials 
TECHNOLOGY:WordPress using Magazine Basic Theme and SiteOrigin PageBuilder
CODING TRICKS:  Add Post Grid plugin with search feature & performance tune-up for better response

CHALLENGE: Refine Consulting firm website with call to action slider and revised services messaging
TECHNOLOGY: WordPress with MultiPurpose Theme and Thrive Architect PageBuilder using animated slider
CODING TRICKS: Parallax scrolling, slide in animations, sidebar maps, very fast response time
DEVELOPMENT TIME: 8 hours over 5 days


CHALLENGE: Display images using fullwidth slider, Masonry gallery and animate text blocks 
TECHNOLOGY:WordPress using Revolution Slider and Foo Gallery with addons
CODING TRICKS:  Resize  & animate content blocks,  insert gallery on several pages, and make slider responsive plus full width

DEVELOPMENT TIME: 3 two  hour sessions

CHALLENGE: Revise style to reflect graphic design tools & methods covered by website 
TECHNOLOGY:WordPress using Magazine Basic Theme, SiteOrigin PageBuilder  and page wide backgrounder
CODING TRICKS:  The PhotoFinishes.com emphasizes photo and media  design tips & tutorials. So reviewed tools like Artlandia Symmetry Mill, Paletton, and Riot Compression were used in new page layout scheme.


CHALLENGE: Create a brand new promotion website for Monarch Migration 
TECHNOLOGY: JavaScript Foundation Framework using Slick Slider
CODING TRICKS:  Website uses the Foundation template file as point of departure, files compressed for very fast response time
DEVELOPMENT TIME: 12 hours to get all the images and copy ready

CHALLENGE: Recreate a website with lost hosting & no backups 
TECHNOLOGY: WordPress using Divi PageBuilder and Esteem Theme
CODING TRICKS:  Had to produce images, layout from a few screenshots. Divi provided full width images and fast development given tight time limits
DEVELOPMENT TIME: 4 sessions of 3 hours each

CHALLENGE: Do a new Northumberland Hills promo website emphasizing the local fairs, fall countryside splendor linked to local artists 
TECHNOLOGY: JavaScript Foundation-Zurb, jQuery, Slick slider, Audio controls, and CSS3 styling
CODING TRICKS:  3-column layout for local fairs, slider, and links to artist promo pages
DEVELOPMENT TIME: 3 sessions of 2+ hours

CHALLENGE: have a four season look for the website each quarter of the year and  to use full-width display methods 
TECHNOLOGY: WordPress using Magazine Basic Theme and Elementor PageBuilder
CODING TRICKS:  PixofToronto
 emphasizes full width elements and many video plus slider or gallery displays: results in lots of CSS & media refinements

CHALLENGE: Provide assessment and simple revisions to website 
TECHNOLOGY: WordPress using Slider Revolution and Owl Carousel plugins
CODING TRICKS:  A number of simple gaps in the UIadmin, and slider use  were corrected